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Supplier Oasis Overstock

Posted by Brusse Ancelin on Monday, 17 February, 2020 17:43:56

Supplier Oasis Fulfillment understands that shipping furniture is different. We have gained insight into the needs of the furniture industry as we ship over 500,000 furniture units per year. We now offer these same services to all suppliers, big and small, and not just for, but any retail channel. Call for a Quote

Overstock is more than a website; we are a company dedicated to building relationships with our customers, constantly innovating to better serve their needs, and offering brand name and artisan-made products to help them find exactly what they're looking for. Our customers love great design and will return over and over to discover what's new.

Supplier Oasis Fulfillment Service is an online retail solution of getting products in front of the right shoppers, inspiring them to buy the products and fulfilling orders promptly and accurately. Created by, Supplier Oasis leverages web logistics to offer brands flexible warehousing, freight savings, faster delivery and fulfillment to any retail channel.

Overstock enforces packaging standards to ensure that their (and now your) customers continue to have a good buyer experience with all Overstock merchants. Like Amazon, Overstock offers a fulfillment service for merchants who'd prefer it. You can learn more about Overstock's supplier fulfillment solution Supplier Oasis. 5.

Supplier Oasis Fulfillment Supervisor August 2013 - Present 6 years 4 months. As an Fulfillment Supervisor I am responsible for a myriad of things to include: Systems troubleshooting: Launches Supplier Oasis Fulfillment Services, a Multi-Channel Logistics Solution (via PR Newswire) SALT LAKE CITY, May 5, 2014 /PRNewswire/ —, Inc. (NASDAQ: OSTK) announced the launch of Supplier Oasis Fulfillment Services, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary, which provides multi-channel fulfillment services.