Login Script In Linux

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Login Script In Linux

Posted by Boyette Adele on Wednesday, 19 February, 2020 17:09:27

Hi, I'm trying to login in linux system with username "verma" and password "PASSWORD" Please tell me any script for this. Thanks. The UNIX and Linux Forums

Executing Linux Scripts at Logon and Logout. To execute a script at logon or logout, use ~.bash_profile and ~.bash_logout, respectively. Most likely, you will need to create the latter file manually. Just drop a line invoking your script at the bottom of each file in the same fashion as before and you are ready to go. Summary

Actually i want to run my shell script at every time when a user login as well as at boot. i have tried using using crontab but it runs only at boot not at every login.so please tell me how to do

In Linux desktop system, I want to execute a command when the user logs in. After reading some other posts, I tried to insert the command in ~/.bashrc but unsuccessfully. Moreover, the system uses a graphic interface for the user login, so the command should not be related to the start of a shell.

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Dear All, I need to create a shell script which will login to a unix system with user root. I also need to supply the password for root through script only instead of entering it manually. After i am The UNIX and Linux Forums